Record and replay Go games with a Pocket PC.

This is an evaluation version. You are free to use it. All I'm asking for is your feedback.

Note: Since this is a Beta version data loss can not be ruled out. Use at your own risk and back up files before you edit them.


The current version includes:


The current version does not handle the following:


1. Click on the appropriate link for your processor:

2. Save the CAB file (temporarily) anywhere on your Windows PC.

3. Move the CAB file anywhere on your Pocket PC (Just move or copy - don't do anything fancy with it, such as right-click or unzip).

4. On your Pocket PC, open Explorer and tap on the CAB file. (It has the same name as the link you clicked on. It will automatically destruct itself, like the secret files in a James Bond movie.) Now you should have the Miniban icon in your Program Files.

5. If you are running an older version of the operating system, you may need the Common Language Runtime, which you can download for free from Microsoft. (If this link is unavailable, try clicking directly on "Download the .NET Compact Framework 1.0 Redistributable" under


Please send your feedback to or post it on In either case, pls make sure you include the build number (which you can find under Help -> About. If you send e-mail it should already automatically be included in the header). Before you spend a lot of time describing a complicated bug feel free to ask me for the latest known bugs list.

I will update this site regularly. If you send mail to me I will keep you up to date about updates, if that's fine with you.

Some Feedback I received so far

"Thank you for making Miniban!  Now my opponents have to worry, because I'm going to start recording and studying my games.  I'm looking forward to the release of Miniban 1.0." -- Roy Laird

"Miniban is absolutely brilliant. It's just what I'm looking for." -- Doug Buckser, 11k before Miniban, 7k after ( projected  ;-)

Change History

Build Changes
0.5.0801.52 (First published build, presented at AGA congress in Houston.)
  • Enabled smaller board sizes (menu File -> Info)
  • Coordinates (in View menu)
  • Added Find Anything of Note feature (in View menu). This is a useful feature if you want to study a game.
  • Enabled Save (in File menu). Other than Save As, this feature never asks for a name.
  • Added buttons for Undo and Adjust in full board view for recording
  • Enabled all Move Annotations in Edit menu.
  • Various bug fixes
  • Full-Width board

  • Markup

  • Event and related properties in game info

  • display of Root Node (before first move - necessary because it can contain setup position or an instructive comment)

  • Automatic Labels (automatically use first free letter)

  • Warning for big files.

  • Intelligent UI Resizing

  • Navigation with Hardware Buttons

  • Adjust allowed for any move.

  • Adjust last move with Hardware Buttons

  • Several bug fixes, mainly for Markup and Navigation with Hardware Buttons.