Ben Bildstein has been so kind to make FreeGo available under the MIT License. I am currently continuing the work on this project; the latest version is available here.

Sample games

Current status

New features:

  1. Chat window (not tested yet for actual chat, since I would need another computer for that.)
  2. Log coordinates of each move and display in chat window.
  3. Status line (displays player to move and other useful information).
  4. Ability to delete existing stones. This can also be used as a workaround for undo in simple cases.
  5. Display of halos.

Planned features:

  1. Scoring. (Maybe measuring Voroni cells?)
  2. Open saved games. That could double as a workaround for variations and for undo of moves that killed stones.
  3. Halo: Border needs halo, too.
  4. Undo
  5. Save games. (This is not as important as Open, since user can copy a game from the chat window.)